ArchiDiAP is a web portal for collaborative sharing of materials on architecture realized by the Department of Architecture and Project of the Sapienza University of Rome.
The idea of ​​the specialist portal was born following an investigation and an accurate study of what was at that time offered in the internet, in order not to duplicate other similar websites.

ArchiDiAP combines the advantages of a vast sharing between users, who at the same time become co-authors of the content they have access to, with quality control guaranteed by the portal editorial board, in order to offer a product that can be so much a useful support to teaching and basic research among the scientific communities involved in architecture, as an effective means of disclosure to an unskilled public.

In order to be able to be published on the portal, the works proposed by users must meet two requirements: first, architectures must be realized and must have obvious cultural and scientific relevance. Content, on the other hand, has to conform to editorial standards, meeting a number of minimum requirements.

To date, more than 8,000 users, including teachers, students and university researchers from all over the world, consult the portal each month, utilizing it as a valuable aid to their research, especially in the field of Roman building production over the last 150 years.





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