Fellini Museum

In April 2018 the Municipality of Rimini launched a competition for a museum dedicated to the great director Federico Fellini, with the aim of creating an innovative and immersive museum in which scientific rigor and emotion coexist.
The project for the Federico Fellini Museum prefigures interventions that cross the Historic Center of Rimini, forming three axes:
1. Castel Sismondo, in whose rooms real sets will have to be set up, through the reconstruction of scenic materials and the use of the most advanced digital technologies; in this context, original works by international artists called to recall and re-elaborate Fellini’s imagination will be hosted in temporary exhibitions;
2. Fulgor – Casa del Cinema, housed in the three upper floors of Palazzo Valloni, recently renovated. The first two floors will have to develop and reinterpret the relationship between the land of origin and Fellini’s entire work. The third floor should be designed as a loft: a free, informal living space, where the visitor can enjoy the vision of Fellini’s films;
3. CircAmarcord, a large outdoor space where the visitor can discover and experience Fellini’s cinema in his more properly fellinesque and ludic traits. This space will host temporary shows and interactive installations inspired by the places, situations and themes of the films.

The Museum will be able to offer a comparison between the images of its films and its graphic work and those of its Rimini, to allow the visitor to extract reports, concepts and further perspectives.

In a quadrilateral rich in history and culture and which sees the Renaissance jewel of Castel Sismondo, Piazza Malatesta, the Fulgor cinema as important cultural containers, the visitor will discover and experience the most visionary aspects of Fellini’s cinema.

Here, the tribute to the Maestro is not intended as the creation of a “theme park” extended to the city, rather as a gift that the city offers to the community through the most intimate interpretation of the poetic mechanisms that have crossed, determining it, his work.



Implementation of the contents and design of the architecture for the Fellini Museum

Multimedia content

Lumiere & Co [group leader]
Studio Azzurro
Marco Bertozzi
Anna Villari
Federico Bassi


Orazio Carpenzano [coordinator]
Tommaso Pallaria
Alessandra Di Giacomo
Studio Dismisura
SRP Engineering srl
Studio Leoni srl


Municipality of Rimini


3.600.000 €


Competition: August 2018 - 1st Prize
Design: February 2018 - ongoing
Opening: TBA 2020