Military Shrine of Cima Grappa

To enhance an important place and the anthropic structures that inhabit it, there is no other way to recapture Memory as an archive but also as an imagination. Carefully and honestly tell his story, his stories, to pass on to future generations, who will honor them properly if, as historians of pride and intellectual honesty have done, they will know how to transcribe, overwrite and partly rewrite them on the basis of new documentary acquisitions or of cultural, but never ideological, changes.
Here is a summary of the general discussion in which we think we should include the project for Cima Grappa. Not before, however, having stressed the importance of the natural scene where the monument is embedded. The landscape dimension here is almost everything.
We think that the Grappa landscape is a force that draws vigorously precisely to grasp the sense of the manifold that surrounds it, a formidable and almost unequaled panoramic ring. The landscape here imposes a new look of purity. It must be an indisputable tool for a vision that becomes thought, an authentic witness of a tragic time, for the sacrifice of soldiers, but also for the traces of a more recent time marked from the great post-war international tensions. The project must reconvert these signs by arguing the temptation to add another.



Competition for the conservation of the Cima Grappa Military Shrine and enhancement of the annexed buildings, military preparations, the former NATO base and its related areas


RHL Architettura

Orazio Carpenzano
Tommaso Pallaria
Alessandro Brunelli
Paolo Marcoaldi
Fabio Balducci


Studio Azzurro [multimedia setup]
Costanza Pierdominici [restoration]


Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – Struttura di Missione per gli anniversari di interesse nazionale
Ministero della Difesa – Commissariato generale per le onoranze ai caduti


Competition: 2015