Piranesi nei luoghi di Zeichen

Lo spazio è aria rarefatta
e di per sé è solo vuoto
bisogna ancorarlo al suolo,
e appena atterrato diviene parametro della prospettiva tra gli oggetti x
immaginare le cubature
di vuoto che si riempie.
Valentino Zeichen, inedito


The project for the House of Poetry, to be realized in the Casa-Baracca by Valentino Zeichen at Borghetto Flaminio, moves from the intention to define the space of poetry through an indefinite and labile boundary.
A stereometric aviary of taut cables holds within it a multitude of volatile pages, defining a space that is “rarefied air”, perfectly cubical, within which different types of encounter with Poetry are allowed.
In the central court carved under the big tree, one can gather in groups to listen to readings aloud; on the cover of the low full volume, you can lie down or sit down and read alone, in pairs or small groups in front of the Piranesian cliff scenery and Villa Strohl Fern. Going down a spiral staircase, you arrive in a vaulted hypogeum, a think tank where you can be completely immersed in silence, as in a room of sensory deprivation.
The area of ​​the Casa-Baracca is transformed into an open-air garden, below which there is a small multimedia museum of Valentino Zeichen and his work, accessible by stairs and a lift accessible from the reception area and ticket office. On the opposite side of the central courtyard, a literary café, a toilet and a hall for indoor performances complete the equipment of the Casa della Poesia.



Project for a House of Poetry to be realized in the house-shack of Valentino Zeichen at Borghetto Flaminio


Fabio Balducci


Sapienza University of Rome
PhD in Architecture. Theories and Project
Tutor: Orazio Carpenzano


Project: February 2017 > February 2018
Exhibition #1: October 21, 2017, Biennale d'Arte, Arsenale, Sala d'Armi C, Venezia
Exhibition #2: February 14>20 2018, Casa dell'Architettura, Piazza M. Fanti 47, Roma