Recovery of the Tifeo Power Station in Augusta

Our project is based on the fact that the Centrale Tifeo recovery program (a precious occasion to safeguard an architectural object of value signed by Giuseppe Samonà) can function as a key to enable a serious process of rethinking the overall image of the entire coastal arc.
By this point of view, the new port north and south of the former would constitute two poles of an ideal ‘Mediterranean Park’ much larger than the one currently provided by the administration. A ‘Park’ which, in our intentions, intends to tell the identity of the territory in all its aspects, including its strong productive character.
The intervention on the former Tifeo power plant arises from a double requirement that the project seeks to collect and develop: on the one hand, establishing a significant relationship with the archaeological area of ​​Megara Hyblaea, on the other hand, developing a mixitè of functions capable of producing income.
For this reason, we propose to build a district for the development of culture and new productivity, with a functional mix that sees side by side spaces for culture, work and production. Among them, there will be offices for start-ups (located in the former transformer workshop and boiler towers) and artisanal workshops linked to the scale of small local businesses (located in the auxiliary plant and in the former Sigma workshop). We believe this is the right way to give this territory a place where local entrepreneurial energies can be found. For this reason, a stop of the Catania-Siracusa railway line is also provided, allowing the district to be used regardless of the use of the private car.



Re_Power Station - Basic Study for Reuse and Recycling of Enel's Thermoelectric Power Station in Augusta (SR)


Orazio Carpenzano [team leader]
Manuela Raitano
Fabio Balducci
Lina Malfona
Paolo Marcoaldi
Marco Pietrosanto
Alessandro Pirisi

with Sara Guidi, Giulio Rampoldi


Università degli Studi di Palermo, Dipartimento di Architettura, D’ARCH, Dottorato di Ricerca in Architettura/Progettazione Architettonica
Enel Unità di Augusta


Design 2014


Emanuele Palazzotto, a cura di. Re_Power Station. Reuse of Augusta Power Station. Edizioni Caracol, Palermo 2016, pp. 109-115