ROMA 20-25. New life cycles for the Metropolis

Readings, visions and projects for the Rome of the future developed by 25 Italian and foreign universities

This exhibition collates and presents the results of the international workshop promoted by the Department for Urban Transformation of the Municipality of Rome and MAXXI, recounting the entire process.

With a temporal horizon represented by the decade separating from the Jubilee of 2025 and on the basis of a programme developed by a specific Scientific Committee, the project takes into consideration a new map of the metropolitan city, identified by a square with sides of 50 km, corresponding to the vast perimeter of the social and economic life of contemporary Rome.

While taking its cue from the project “Roma Interrotta”, Roma 20-25 goes beyond the confines of the historic city centre and opens itself to a metropolitan territory, the vastness of which has never previously been defined, but the perimeter of which extends from Mount Soratte to Ardea.

A mosaic of interpretations and proposals on many themes, from architecture to the landscape, from infrastructure to housing.

This area has given birth to the grid of 25 squares with 10 km sides, within which the invited university teams have located a smaller square with 1 km sides containing a fully developed design proposal. The presentations of the various proposals in the exhibition have been designed by the universities concerned.



MAXXI. Museo delle Arti del XXI Secolo


MAXXI. Museo delle Arti del XXI Secolo
Gianferrari Hall
19 December 2015 - 17 January 2016


Dipartimento di Architettura e Progetto - Sapienza Università di Roma

Piero Ostilio Rossi (coordinator)
Orazio Carpenzano (team leader)
Fabio Di Carlo
Alessandra Capanna
Andrea Grimaldi

Francesca Romana Castelli
Lina Malfona
Caterina Padoa Schioppa
Paolo Marcoaldi

Fabio Balducci
Alessandro Brunelli
Livio Carriero
Giovanni Rocco Cellini
Lelio Di Loreto
Lucio Pettine
Pietro Zampetti


Simone Memè (video editing)
Massimiliano Pontani (physical models)


P. Ciorra, F. Garofalo, P. O. Rossi (a cura di), Roma 20-25. Nuovi cicli di vita della metropoli, Macerata: Quodlibet Editore, 2015, ISBN 9788874628032.