Apartment Renovation #02

In this little attic in the center of Ornex, a small town in the heart of the French Rhône-Alps region, the inclination of the roof sloping slopes was such as to oblige the two environments to shrink to the center of the environment, relegating the two extremities, with the positioning of two large wall cabinets, for occasional use and support for the rest of the room.
Such a contraction towards the center of the two environments and the need for their division threatened to lead to the mortification of the strong original spatial value.

The first choice was therefore to preserve at all costs the unity of space, rectangular and almost perfectly symmetrical, while dividing it into two separate rooms: bedroom and bathroom, closing the volumes with a diaphragm characterized by great transparency.

The use of materials helps to clarify the spatiality of the environment and its possible uses: the ceiling is entirely covered with wood and the two large closets at the ends of the room make it a natural continuation on the vertical plane.
Wood is also lined with the central area of ​​the bathroom consisting of wall-to-wall-wall sequence and the floor area of ​​the bed. The two main side walls, the dual access to the bathroom and the shower and the flooring area behind the bathroom are instead covered with white resin, without any continuity between vertical and horizontal planes.

A 15 cm band perimeter the peripheral floor area of ​​the room, filled with white river stones placed directly on the floor unfinished dimension.
This lowering of the treadmill allows the insertion of a highly suggestive LED lighting system into the perimeter of the wood-covered area.
The overall impression is therefore that of a place where the paths and the uses of spaces appear at the same time extremely clear and extremely hybridized.

Three large windows are finally open on the floor covering the bedroom, allowing the view of the surrounding landscape, dominated by the Jura mountains.


Fabio Balducci


July - September 2012


Ornex (France)


20.000 €