Viterbo Historic Center Masterplan

Premio Gubbio 2018, Menzione speciale

The service agreement between Viterbo Municipality and DiAP Sapienza University of Rome is aimed at the production of procedural and technical criteria and instruments to be used for the upgrading, enhancement and protection of the historic center of Viterbo.
It includes a series of synthesis texts that are the real Masterplan.
The first step of the address document is to read the data, referring to specific thematic themes, and come up with some strategic nodes.

The thematic areas covered by analytical-descriptive studies and synthetic-design audits are mainly the following:
– Culture in its local and general declinations
– Live in the old town today
– The trade and tourism vocations of Viterbo
– Agriculture and agri-food
– Education and training
– Christianity in the City of the Popes
– Accessibility and Mobility Systems
– The urban walls and the landscape between the walls
– Archeology

At the end of the works, an illustrated dossier containing the Masterplan tables and an atlas of the transformation system has been delivered to the City government, together with a series of elaborations about the future structure of the territory.


The results of the research are published in:
Paolo Marcoaldi (a cura di), Per la città di Viterbo. Il masterplan del centro storico, direzione scientifica di Orazio Carpenzano, Quodlibet, Macerata, ISBN 9788822902023




Comune di Viterbo


Service agreement between Dipartimento di Architettura e Progetto (Sapienza) and Municipality of Viterbo for the Masterplan of the Historic Center of Viterbo


Orazio Carpenzano [scientific manager]
Manuela Raitano [coordinator]
Paolo Marcoaldi
Fabio Balducci
Stefano Bigiotti
Angela Fiorelli
Marta Montori


Valeria Cerilli
Myriam Imperato
Iris Gjoni
Isabella Bonadonna
Claudia Giancola
Sarah Frezza


Enzo Bentivoglio
Elisabetta Cristallini
Silvio Franco
Francesco Galli
Francesco Mattioli
Alfredo Passeri
Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza